Architectural 3d visualization trends 2017

Architectural 3d visualization trends 2017

Well, this year is about to come to an end and with this, it becomes important to take a flashback of the most important architectural 3d visualization trends 2017. But, before that let me share with you, why do we need the 3D modelling services in India. The sole objective of developing a 3D model is to understand how a particular project is going to look like, this works perfectly well for designing interiors of the house, commercial and residential projects, cartoons and 3D animation which could be used for promoting a brand or services. 3D visualization is manifestly no longer a new approach rather; it has become an integral part of any project development. This has given rise to many 3d architectural rendering services in India.These companies offer myriads of 3 D modelling services in India and abroad.

With the help of Interior 3D Rendering Services in India, the companies are now able to showcase the look and feel of the project in a much better way. This also gives the customer a better insight into the project.To sum it up, the architectural 3D modelling services are related to everything, starting from designs of the buildings, interiors, animated 3D characters etc. Similar to any technology, the architectural 3D modelling also keeps on improving every year. We have new trends that come up while the older ones perishes. So, let’s take a look at what were the popular Architectural 3d visualization trends 2017

  • Invisible Buildings- How about blending the buildings into surroundings? Well, if you think that this is strange, then you should know that the scientists have gone a step ahead and build houses which are completely invisible. This has been done by using mirror like facade material or by LED light. The greatest example of this is the Avenue Leclerc Office Building or Tower Infinity in South Korea.
  • Timber- This is the new material for the building which is stealing the spotlight away from steel and concrete. The laminated and engineered timber is being used nowadays and is now considered to be the wonder material of 2017. You can see its prominence in houses built in Finland and London.
  • Imagination-defying bridges- Gone are the days when we used to have a typical model of bridges, now we have them going artistically? The Dragon King Harbour River Bridge in China, the clean lines of Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Brazil, the trippy waves of Henderson Bridge, Singapore are an example of how different and artistic the bridges can be.
  • The emergence of public spaces- Well, we no more have well-defined and surrounded areas in the house. The modern interiors of the houses are all about melding spaces. We now have the trend of the open kitchen, shared common rooms and communal dining spaces. All these have led to the rise of Interior 3D Rendering Services in India, with the help of which the 3D modelling services are now creating new-age designs and architecture.
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