Vital Steps Comprised in PSD to Joomla Template Conversion

If you are looking for an effective content management system, then Joomla is the most influential and popular open source for this. It has features and capabilities to meet the variegated demands of the clients. The diversity coupled with suppleness offered by Joomla makes it an ideal platform for delivering quality content every time.Convert PSD webs layout to Joomla to get quality content with superior graphics. I have compiled here the steps that will help to convert PSD to Joomla.

Steps for PSD to Joomla Template conversion –

PSD Layout Creation:-  The first step begins with having a beautiful PSD layout. Your design should be able to take care of this with Photoshop. Once you are done with this, you need to move to next step of slicing the PSD.

Slicing the PSD: Once the PSD layout is ready, it’s time to refine it by slicing it. In this process, the PSD file is sliced into many layers like header, footer, and content. An expert developer man oeuvres it meticulously so that there is no duplicity of logos, buttons, and images.

HTML Designing – The next step of PSD to Joomla conversion is HTML designing. Once the graphical element is ready, it’s time to add it to the website using HTML. This is an important step and requires precision. Make sure that your designer and developer are well –versed with HTML. This is because it involves creating a logo, menu structure for new Joomla template.

CSS Coding of the Template: Once the layout is decided, the style sheet is developed which is applied to the HTML and website. This style sheet determines the hearing format, hyperlink formats etc. This CSS file is then saved and is used later to include sliders, designs, menu lists etc. If this is done perfectly, the entire impact and look of the website escalate to a new level.

Joomla Integration: This is the final and the most important step, for this, the expert creates a folder and directories.  A template_thumbnail.png and template_details.xml is created.The png template is used for displaying image in the admin and XML file is easily read by Joomla and is helpful in integration.

Conclusion –

With a team of experts in CSS and Joomla, you can create a website which completely matches the requirement of the client and also helpful in delivering quality results. PSD to Joomla conversion is in great demand, owing to effectiveness it provides to the website, the clients are more inclined towards companies that can deliver excellent result in this domain. Having proficiency in PSD to Joomla conversion, you can not only help the client with conversion services but also additional Joomla development services.


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