why choose professionals for PSD to Wordpress conversion service

The PSD format would not be new to you, it is actually the abbreviation of Photoshop Document format. There is an issue with the PSD format and many of you might agree that this format is not compatible to be accessed on the internet and hence you need the conversion of PSD into a format which is compatible with the internet.  For example, if you have your e-commerce portal developed on the Openacart platform then you need PSD to WordPress conversion or PSD to WP.

PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the core processes of PSD development services and thus it needs precision and care while doing it, to create a WordPress theme from PSD. An important point to note here is that converting PSD to HTML requires manual coding and software conversion which becomes a bit difficult when it comes to converting the PSD file into WordPress theme. Thus, you need the expertise of a professional Photoshop to WordPress service provider.

Let us have a quick look as to why you need a professional PSD to WordPress conversion service?

  1. Well, there is always a difference between a professional and a naive person, a professional PSD to WP service company will focus on SEO compliance and cross-browser compatibility mode which you may not find otherwise.
  2. Manual coding: – There is no comparison between manual coding and software coding while converting PSD to WordPress theme. A professional company and designer will provide you precise and accurate manual coding without any error which is not a guarantee with the software coding.
  3. Semantic coding: – Here the WordPress designer matches the HTML tag with the content on the website which helps in creating a legible data.
  4. Cross Browser Compatibility: – The best part about a professional PSD to WordPress service is that it provides an errorless and flawless conversion of PSD to WordPress and makes sure that it has cross browser compatibility which means that it shows up well across all the platforms.
  5. SEO friendly: – This is the point where the professional firms nail it, they carry out the conversion in a manner that every content is SEO friendly. They check whether the website is highly indexed on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. making sure the higher ranking of your website which means more traffic and more business.


The aforementioned points are the key parameters which make a professional PSD to WordPress conversation service different from the others. Once you have decided to create a website it is important that you venture your IT services with a  company which can guarantee you professional and flawless services. Make sure that you include all the above points in your checklist while you decide to convert Photoshop to WordPress theme.

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