Simple Tips to Boost Up Sales Magento e-commerce Store

E-commerce platform has become the most desired way to reach out to maximum people and ensure more brand awareness. As good as it sounds, it has many important points that one must take into consideration and one of the most important of these is, selecting the right e-commerce development platform. Magento is the popular online portal development platform. Many companies are now switching to PSD to Magento conversion services owing to its multiple benefits. Magento is an e-commerce platform written in PHP.

Magento Commerce has PHP5 Zend framework which is perfect for setting up an e-commerce website. It has features like scalable architecture, customization feature, flexible shopping cart etc. which makes it a popular e-commerce development platform.

It’s good that you have a Magento based e-commerce platform, but that is not enough if you have done the PSD to Magento theme conversion, its good; your work doesn’t end here, you need to boost your sales as well. Here are some simple tips that will help in boosting your online business.

  • Get your website searched– The first and the most important thing is that your website should be easy to search. The best way to do this is by SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A good and effective SEO will let your website climb high on the search engine and gains more brand awareness.
  • Recovery extension – Adding recovery extension. You would have often seen notification showing, “Your cart is waiting, you have products waiting in your cart etc.” This is a part of recovery extension; it helps in reducing the abandon rate and also increases the sales.
  • Live chat option– The entire Magento website come with the Live Chat option. It helps in simplifying the buying process and also helps the buyer to assure their buying decision. With this, the customer can easily connect with the company and get to know the product better. This eventually enhances the trust on the brand and also results in more sales.
  • Website Speed-Whether, you are getting a PSD to Magento conversion or you have an Opencart website, one thing that you should never ignore is the website loading speed. It has been observed that people tend to leave the website if it takes too long to load or the navigation speed from one page to another is too long. So, make sure that the loading speed of the website and images doesn’t take much time.
  • Taking advantage of up-selling and cross-selling – Here you can make use of product recommendation tools, which helps the buyer in knowing about other products related to his/her purchase. For example, if you are selling mobile phones online, you can also inform people about mobile covers, power bank etc. that can be purchased at a better price.

All you need to understand is to create a website which is user friendly, engaging and is clutter free.This helps in attracting customers and increasing sales. Magento gives you a plethora of plugins which if used optimally can effectively boost your sales.

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