Tips for an Effective PSD to Drupal Conversion

The market of website designing and development is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. With the latest trends and developments in the market, it has become important for companies to set up a strong online presence.  One of the powerful processes which can help your website soar the heights of success is  PSD to Drupal theme conversion. Most of the new websites are now being developed on Drupal. Furthermore, Drupal is a perfect content management system that helps to get the desired functionality & design. What’s more interesting is that it is not only free but also highly flexible. Thus, converting PSD 2 Drupal has become a popular trend these days.

Why is conversion to Drupal important?

As mentioned above Drupal is an important and the most popular base for development of a new website which more and more companies are opting. It is filled with features that make it a perfect content management platform. The CMS or Content Management System of Drupal comes with various benefits and many other benefits which makes even the development of the most complex website easy.

Here’s the reason why you should convert

  1. Compatible websites: Firstly, PSD to Drupal theme conversion ensures that newly developed website and its theme is compatible with all the browsers and also has quick loading time. Bothe these factors affect the interest of the customer in your website. It helps in generating more leads.
  2. Extensive extensions: As mentioned above Drupal comes with all of features and rich set of extension is one such feature. Having so many extensions makes Drupal highly effective and user-friendly.
  3. Semantic coding: Another benefit of PSD to Drupal conversion is semantic coding. It ensures W3C validation and clean coding for front-end as well as back-end. Semantic coding enhances the performance of the website, makes sure that website is more-free and flawless and also ensures that the search can easily crawl through making the website SEO friendly.
  4. Search engine-friendly websites: Online business is all about the strong presence of search engine and better ranking. Drupal an effective way to ensure that your website ranks high on all the search engines which means more traffic to your website resulting in more conversion rate.

While you decide to convert PSD to Drupal, it is important that you take the many points into consideration. The process of PSD 2 Drupal conversion is tedious and also needs the assistance of a technically advanced person to ensure that the converted page is free of error and is flawless. Here are some tips that you must follow:

  • Make sure that slicing is done meticulously and precisely
  • Use semantic and clean coding to ensure that there are no errors and bugs in the coding
  • Stick to the W3 standards
  • Make sure that your developer is using the latest tools to convert PSD 2 Drupal
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